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PC gamers are some of the most hard core gamers of any grouping of gaming enthusiasts. Below are some resources that are enjoyed by PC gamers.

Site Description
Reddit.com Reddit is a website used by gamers to communicate what's how in the industry. This page will take you the to PC gaming section on the popular Reddit website.
IGN.com IGN is a popular gaming website that focuses on providing information within a wide spectrum of gaming groups. This page will take you to the PC games section on IGN.
Alienware.com Avid PC gaming users will often utilize PC's that are specifically designed and intended for gaming. Alienware which produces such high end systems is often a first choice by gamers.
GameSpot.com Gamespot is a popular gaming portal and features a PC gaming section that kept up to date.
GamesRadar.com Here in the PC section of the Games Radar website you'll find information on the latest games releases.

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