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Thank you for visiting Directory Game a website that is committed to providing you with information in various categories of gaming. This website is strictly a personal project and has zero commercial value, however if even still if you spot any errors or issues with any of the links that I've posted here on my site please let me know. You can get in touch with me by visiting this page here and finding my e-mail address where you can e-mail me on.

I'd really prefer it if anyone that does visit this site not contact me with commercial inquiries. I will not respond to questions about sponsored posting, or selling links as I do not sell, nor trade any links on this website. The views of this website are my own expressly and that of no one else. I choose the sites that I put up here as they are sites that I enjoy visiting regularly.

So a bit about me now. My name is Darby Williams, I'm from Thunder Bay Ontario (I know whoo hooo...). I'm passionate about games in all forms which is why I put this website together. It's that simple... I hope you find use in some of the resources that I've provided here.

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